“I respect her as an artist. She writes most of her music, and she deals with the critics and everybody. She’s just a sweet person, and the way she treats her fans is really an inspiration to me and how I want to treat my fans. She’s very involved and, I mean, look at her shows. … I just think she’s a great role model for kids. I think girls that look up to her are looking up to a good girl, and she’s an amazing artist.”
— Cole Swindell on Taylor Swift (x)

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the fact that there have no leaked nudes in my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

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I support Jennifer Lawrence no matter what


The only sort of pictures you should be reblogging of Jennifer Lawrence

I go on too many dates, but I can’t ‘em stay. At least, that’s what people say.

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Taylor Swift looking unbelievably gorgeous in candids: 9/?

Taylor Swift looking unbelievably gorgeous in candids: 9/?

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i love this fucking quote so fucking much

me and the bae

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